Novo Vie, Scottsdale Arizona, Brings Science-Based Skincare to Your Beauty Regime

New Scottsdale, AZ Skincare Company 

Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, Novo Vie, LLC is a new company with an innovative approach to advanced skincare. The active ingredient in each of its products is NovoSerum™, the patented technology behind the success of the Novo Vie line. 

NovoSerum goes beyond any skincare ingredient currently available in the United States; it utilizes the power of cell-free growth factors derived from umbilical cord serum to noticeably reverse the signs of aging skin.   

Science-Based Skincare 

You’ve probably noticed how growth factors, derived from everything from snails to exotic plants, are now heavily featured as game-changing ingredients in sophisticated skincare products.     

So, what’s different and new about Novo Vie skincare?  Unlike other products and brands you may have read about, Novo Vie is the only skincare line to harness the regenerative properties of growth factors derived from human umbilical cord serum (UCS), processed and sourced from an FDA registered cord blood bank which operates in strict compliance with FDA regulations to ensure the highest standards of quality and safety. 

Using the power of cell-free human growth factors, NovoSerum promotes the production of collagen and matrix, the building blocks of new tissue. The regenerative effect of signaling new tissue growth results in smoother, more youthful-looking skin, reduced lines and wrinkles, and more even skin tone and color.       

The patented NovoSerum formula was inspired by the decades of medical research exploring the regenerative powers of UCS growth factors to address previously hard to treat conditions.  Novo Vie is the only skincare company in the American market leveraging the power of growth factors derived from umbilical cord serum for skincare beauty applications. 

What Novo Vie Brings to Scottsdale AZ Skin Care

Novo Vie products easily integrate into your skincare routine. Our silky formulas apply effortlessly and absorb almost immediately. They are fragrance free and appropriate for every skin type, even for those with sensitive skin, as they do not irritate. Bring a luxury and spa-like experience into your daily routine with skin care that glides on so smoothly and pleasantly.   

Novo Vie products use the power of human growth factors, discovered in the latest medical research, to produce noticeably younger looking skin.  

Learn more about how it works and the science behind Novo Vie products.

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At Novo Vie, we believe every woman should look as young as she feels.  We created Novo Vie products to transform your skin, from the inside out, to give you a smoother more radiant complexion. Click here to browse our compelling product line.