Introducing Novo Vie: Advanced skin care designed for regeneration

Novo Vie, LLC is a new, Scottsdale, AZ based advanced skincare company offering products that are different from any others on the American market. Inspired by decades of research and backed by a clinical trial at a prestigious medical school, NovoVie’s exclusive, patented technology, trademarked as NovoSerum, uses the power of human growth factors to noticeably improve the appearance of skin from the inside out.  

Novo Vie formulations are based on the science of tissue regeneration. By using our advanced skincare products consistently, lines and wrinkles are reduced, puffiness and sagging skin recedes, and skin texture and tone improves. While the science is complex, NovoSerum’s mechanism of action is straightforward. The human growth factors in Novo Vie products are derived from umbilical cord serum (UCS) and, when applied topically, signal fibroblast cells (also known as “factory cells”) to produce collagen and matrix, the building blocks of new tissue. New tissue plumbs up the skin, reducing the signs of aging.  Skin texture and tone improves, skin appears smoother and firmer, and the skin’s youthful glow is restored.   

Advanced Skin Care Derived from UCS     

Umbilical cord blood is a birth byproduct, now routinely gathered with written consent after normal delivery of a healthy baby from a healthy mother for storage in a cord blood bank. It is a unique type of blood and is only available for collection immediately after birth. Unlike mature blood, umbilical cord blood contains high numbers of stem cells used to build the new life of the newborn in utero. These stem cells include hematopoietic cells capable of becoming any type of blood component, and mesenchymal cells capable of differentiating into a wide range of tissues. UCS is extracted from cord blood at an FDA regulated cord blood bank and is free of any cellular material.   

Research around UCS has been at the forefront of regenerative medicine for almost forty years. Today there are over 80 FDA approved treatments using UCS and several FDA approved clinical studies focused on UCS’s regenerative potential in tissue recovery. USC is at the cutting edge of medical research. Novo Vie, pioneering advanced science-based skin care, was awarded the only US patent to deploy the remarkable properties of USC in a topical serum to improve the appearance of skin.       

Many of the best-known legacy advanced skincare brands emphasize the presence and benefits of growth factors in their formulations.  However, those growth factors are typically derived from plants and in some cases from snails. Novo Vie’s products are different because they are inspired by the decades of medical research on the potential of UCS growth factors to produce life-changing results.  

Evidence Based Skin Care 

An elegantly simple clinical study was conducted at Northwestern School of Medicine to test the efficacy of NovoSerum.  Over 26 days, six subjects applied two skincare products, one product to their left underarm, the other product to their right underarm. The products were both NovoVie Face Serum with one important difference; one included NovoSerum, the other did not. The participants and clinical staff did not know which product contained NovoSerum, a classic double-blind study.  

Punch biopsies were taken at the serum application sites at the start and end of the study. The biopsy tissues were immediately examined under high powered medical microscopes to determine the amount of collagen and matrix cells present before and after the course of “treatment”.  The sites treated with the  product containing NovoSerum had materially more collagen and matrix cells than the sites treated with the product without NovoSerum. NovoSerum worked as designed; it triggered the production of collagen and matrix to regenerate skin and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.  

The Advanced Science-Based Skincare Line

NovoVie has developed three advanced skin care products formulated to increase skin tightness, elasticity, and smoothness. 

  • Face Serum. The NovoVie face serum delivers a more firm complexion by plumping and smoothing the skin while minimizing the appearance of redness and discoloration.
  • Under Eye Serum. Using a more concentrated formula, our Under Eye Serum breaks up, diminishes, and eliminates dark under-eye circles for a more youthful appearance.
  • Moisturizing Renewal Cream. Designed to be used across the face, neck, and décolleté, the Moisturizing Renewal Cream renews, hydrates, and revitalizes dry skin to create a more radiant glow.

NovoVie is proud to bring our advanced skincare technology directly to customers through our transformative premium products. Our patented NovoSerum™ formulation serves as the foundation of every product to ensure high-quality, regenerative results across your entire skincare regimen. 

Explore our advanced skin care products and experience the transformative properties of NovoVie.