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NovoSerum is Novo Vie’s patented, proprietary technology used in all its skincare products.  NovoSerum is a cell-free complex of growth factors, proteins, and peptides derived from human umbilical cord serum (UCS), gathered from volunteers after a healthy, stress-free birth by a healthy mother who has delivered a healthy baby. Novo Vie secures its UCS from an FDA-regulated cord blood bank which process the serum to remove all cellular material. Novo Vie’s UCS supplier has been an FDA-approved cord blood bank for over twenty years and is recognized as one of the nation’s foremost cord blood banks.

NovoSerum’s mechanism of action (MOA) is straightforward; its complex of growth factors, proteins, and peptides signal the body’s fibroblast cells to produce collagen and matrix. Fibroblast cells are also known as factory cells; their important job is to produce new tissue. Collagen and matrix are the building blocks of new tissue. Novo Vie skin care products are rapidly absorbed and signal the production of new collagen and matrix, effectively plumping up your skin thereby reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles, while also improving the texture, smoothness, and suppleness of your skin. 

Yes, absolutely. The chief of dermatological research at prestigious Northwestern University Medical School in Chicago, Illinois, conducted a double-blind study of NovoSerum on over 20 subjects. Unlike before and after photo studies, Novo Vie Face Serum was applied to the underarms of the subjects, one side with NovoSerum, the other side used the identical formula but without NovoSerum. The application sites were biopsied at the start and end of the study with the specimen tissues examined under a powerful microscope to count collagen and matrix cells, before and after. The results conclusively showed materially more collagen and matrix cells present in the tissue treated by the formula including NovoSerum.

Novo Vie products are remarkably gentle and pleasant to use. Even users with sensitive skin tell us how pleased they are with the product causing no irritation. However, to ensure your peace of mind, we recommend consulting your physician before starting any new products.

You can easily incorporate Novo Vie products into your daily regimen as they absorb almost immediately and don't leave any lingering film or stickiness behind. You can apply the face serum, under eye serum, and moisturizer quickly, and then your makeup. It has been repeatedly reported that busy users appreciate how easy the products are to use and how they don't require any changes in their morning or evening routine.

Novo Vie skin care products are fragrance free; no fragrance is added to any Novo Vie product.

Novo Vie products have undergone rigorous testing to ensure their safety and efficacy, and to ensure that there are no irritating ingredients, even for people with sensitive skin. Despite this, our research and clinical trials were not designed or intended to validate therapeutic uses. Novo Vie products are not promoted for the treatment of skin conditions. We recommend you consult your dermatologist before using any acne products or prescriptions concurrently.   

We encourage you to store your products away from direct sunlight, ideally in a cool dark place.  Refrigeration is not needed or recommended. The shelf life for unopened serums and moisturizers is two years. We recommend using the products within three months after opening. 

Our ingredients are sourced from around the world, with an emphasis in Europe. Our UCS is supplied by an FDA-regulated, US-owned and based cord blood bank. All Novo Vie products are manufactured in a woman-owned cGMP facility located in Santa Ana, CA. 

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