"Vampire" Facial Benefits - Without the Bloody Mess

You’ve probably heard of the Vampire Facial. It’s been popular and even loved by Hollywood celebs and others in-the-know (see this video on Kim Kardashian’s viral post from 2013). So, what is it and is it the best way to achieve its promised benefits? Are there alternatives that can provide those benefits without the drama, pain, and downtime? This blog entry answers those questions.

The What
The vampire facial is the dramatic name for a procedure technically described as PRP microneedling. Simply put, the vampire facial seeks to stimulate collagen production through microneedling and the topical application of platelet-rich-plasma.

Microneedling is a procedure where your skin is literally punctured with tiny needles applied using a device that could be called a needle roller. These tiny puncture wounds trigger the body’s wound healing process which encourages the production of collagen and matrix, the building blocks of new tissue.

The PRP part is what makes the procedure different from simple microneedling. Blood is drawn from your arm and spun in a centrifuge to isolate the platelets containing growth factors from the plasma, thus platelet-rich-plasma (PRP). The PRP is applied to your face and the tiny punctures allow the PRP to penetrate the skin to signal collagen production. In a doctor’s world, that process is known as the Mechanism of Action, or MOA.

The Results
By boosting collagen production, skin is tightened, skin tone is brightened, hyperpigmentation fades, and even small acne scars are reduced. Ideally, following recovery your skin should look more supple and fresher, because new tissue production has plumped up your skin.

Depending on how aggressive the procedure, recovery time can take from a few days to a full week. And yes, the procedure is bloody, and a bit scary looking (see Kardashian video above). The results are gradual and may take weeks or months to be noticeable, and as with most procedures the results depend on the individual’s age and skin condition. Predictably, additional procedures, prudently done, generally deliver better long term results.

You can think of the vampire facial process as a body hack that tricks your body to initiate its wound response to the microneedling, and then uses the PRP to amplify collagen production to generate new tissue and thereby generate the sought after results.

The Relationship to Novo Vie
That’s what’s so interesting. PRP has been used clinically to accelerate the production of new tissue in a variety of clinical situations; for example, to prompt the growth of new tissue in failing joints. The use of umbilical cord blood serum (UCS) to trigger the body’s regenerative powers has been at the forefront of medical research and innovative clinical practices for over forty years. It has resulted in dozens of innovative applications that have provided life-changing solutions to previously hard to treat conditions, from dry eye disease to regrowing damaged heart tissue.

The interesting part is the MOA for using UCS is essentially the same as microneedling and PRP, the growth factors derived from UCS signal fibroblast (factory) cells to produce collagen and matrix, thereby noticeably improving the appearance of your skin. However, there’s no bloody mess, no down time, and the experience is enjoyable.

The serums and creams apply beautifully, absorb immediately, and leave no residue, and they work to deliver the results of the vampire facials without “vampires” or damage to the skin’s surface!

Are Novo Vie products a substitute for PRP microneedling? Of course not. But they are a noninvasive alternative using a similar, but different, MOA using uniquely powerful USC growth factors to harness the body’s regenerative abilities to improve the appearance of your skin.

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